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Dr. Valerie Chapman Gale

Sept 2, 1932 
April 1, 2023

Common  Things Val Said

Hello. I'm Joey Robert Parks. 

I have more than 200 hours of audio and video from my private sessions with Val when she worked with me between 2017 and 2023. Now that she's passed, I'm in the process of editing out all of the parts that are too personal, so that what's left behind is mostly just Val talking and sharing her immense wisdom, compasion, advise, and laughter on such a wide variety of topics that concerned my life. I also have a complete listing of all the publications she wrote and were published in various magazines. I'm on a research quest to track as many of those down as I can and will share them here as I find them. 


Val changed my life for the better in huge and remarkable way when I first met her. That's the first audio I'll be sharing. As I work on the site, it will become far easier on the eyes and more professional looking. For now, given she just passed away a week ago today, I just wanted to get something up asap. 

Voicemails to Joey (2019 - Nov 2020), 35 mins

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