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Ghostwriting Testimonials


20-Year Executive FBI & Special Agent (Ret.)

Joey Robert Parks did not have much exposure to law enforcement before we first met. After a couple years listening to my stories and helping me put this book together, he now has the equivalent of a doctorate in policing. This book would not have been finished if it weren't for Joey and his skills.” (2018)

(This very funny manuscript was completed June 2018. Acquired well-known showrunner (lead producer) in April 2019, who's shopping for a studio to produce it as a TV series. Book would be released in tandem with show.)


Celebrity Fashion Designer & Stylist

"Joey Robert Parks' writing is truly wonderful. It's very, very good.”

Remy Toh is an international celebrity fashion stylist, bespoke fashion consultant, designer, and the author of 'Legends of Style' (uncredited ghost, Joey Robert Parks), featuring every details of men's styling and over 200 gorgeous celebrity photographs by Michael Woodall. Toh learned his craft in Paris, where he worked directly with the personal tailors of Armani, Gaultier and Valentino. He's styled for a wide range of celebrities: Robert De Niro, Michael Jordon, Johnny Depp, BB Winan, Sean Connery, Brian McKnight, Pierce Brosnan, Laurence Fishburne, Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, George Benson, Charles Barkley, and many others. 


“I had the pleasure to work with Joey Robert Parks over the last three years. Our successful collaboration resulted in a non-fiction manuscript that an interested traditional publisher wanted to see updated and expanded. Joey brought a wealth of ideas and sound writing skills to bear on my project. He was easy to work with and ideal for an endeavor requiring out-of-the-box thinking and a need to promote the big picture of a project.” (2017)


President, Dwarf Car Industries

“Creating the Break Time At Ernie’s coffee-table book with Joey Robert Parks as the ghost-publisher was a fantastic experience. He was delightful to work with. He was very accessible most anytime. His direction, editing, creativity, and enthusiasm were consistent from the first day I met him until I held the final published product in my hand – which was freaking awesome! I just loved it! The final book is something we are all very proud of at Ernie’s Dwarf Car Museum. Joey did a tremendous job.” (2018)

Sandy Robson

Abstract Expressionist Painter

"It's amazing. Absolutely genius. Joey Robert Parks captured the essence of who I am as a woman and where I'm headed with my career." (2005)


~ Sandy Robson, abstract expressionist

Liz Kenyon

Pastel Painter

"Wow, is this a good piece of work, Joey Robert Parks. It's amazing, powerful, and full of flow. Thank you!" (2005)

~ Liz Kenyon, Fine Art Pastels


Travel Expert, USA Today

“[The 26 Blocks exhibit is] a must-see and a great model for other cities."

"Paying homage to his beloved city in 2010, Joey Robert Parks paired 26 local photographers with 26 local writers and assigned each team to a randomly-selected block in downtown Phoenix. Their mission was to capture the past, present or imagined future of that block in one photograph and one piece of commentary, with renowned local sculptor Rafael Navarro assigned to turning small wood cubes into 26 sculptures to represent them all. The wildly popular “26 Blocks,” toured for over a year, produced an iPad app, and has now become its own gallery in the lower lobby of the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel, where it’s free to the public 24/7." The exhibit is open 365 days a year. Mr. Parks gives free tours every two weeks. See the website link above for days/time.

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