Ghostwriter & Author Joey Robert Parks is the 26th great-grandson of Henry II King of England. In high school, he solved a scrambled Rubik's Cube in 22 seconds. 22 years later, he parachuted out of an airplane. For his birthday in 2019, he took the plunge in a 41-degree ice bath. Yet none of these things explain why he's been hired to ghostwrite 28 books since 2003 by innovators, CEO's, successful entrepreneurs, and memoirists. In 2020, he's completing a self-authored thriller and a magical realism trilogy. Maybe he'll use some of those interesting personal tidbits in them. Joey lives in a downtown Phoenix highrise with his cats Bubba, a Russian Blue, and his Calico sister, Boo.

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A 2003 Client was diagnosed with terminal spinal cancer, given chemo and eight months to live. Joey ghostwrote her memoir in six months. She passed in 2008.
Some of his other clients include...

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Nearly every one of us has acknowledged that we need a book to have credibility as a speaker, consultant, or expert in our field, yet most of us struggle with just getting started or finishing. How do I write a book? How do I organize my story? I can’t put all of my expertise in it, so how do I choose? What do I do with the manuscript once it’s finished? Should I self-publish or try to find a traditional publisher?

Author, ghostwriter, and art director Joey Robert Parks has the answers.

He will not only help you write your story, but guide you through the process of publication. An author in his own right and a sought-after ghostwriter, Joey Robert Parks has completed 28 books for innovators, entrepreneurs, and speakers, all of whom have found publishing success. A 2018 ghostwritten manuscript by Mr. Parks has a well-known film and TV producer attached to it who's currently (2020) shopping networks and streaming outlets in order to create a TV series based on the book (which would be published in tandem with the series).

Joey Robert Parks will help craft your story, identify the proper voice, and put your ideas into printed words ready for publication. As a full-time author dedicated to your story, he can produce your book in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take you. Likewise, his experience and expertise can raise the caliber of anyone’s book so that your story will stand out from the competition. He's the go-to person when elaborate projects are in trouble and undefined projects need direction. He builds marketing, leverage, and opportunity into the DNA of every book he writes.

He's a strong self-starter, excellent at coming up with unique strategies, prioritizing opportunities, and dealing with unknowns in complex problems. He possesses a knack for gleaning the most pertinent, authentic, and interesting aspects of a person, and he does it in a highly engaging, efficient, and conversational manner.


Of all the characteristics Parks embodies, two in particular resonate throughout: an amazing enthusiasm that makes working with him fun and a skill that's very rare indeed: the ability to transform complex ideas into a written form that makes perfect sense the first time through. If you don’t think you can write a book on your own, just don’t have the time that writing a quality manuscript would take, or you have the time and talent, but you want a collaborator to bring a fresh perspective to your project, Joey Robert Parks can help.

Why wait for someday when you can have your book today and use it to launch your career forward?