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Featured in season 4 (June 21, 2018)

In Break Time at Ernie's, (ghost-published by Liquid Gravity Publishing) you'll learn about Ernie Adams, the originator of the Dwarf car race car and Dwarf car cruiser. In this soft-cover coffee table book, you'll find over 200 gorgeous full-color photos and detailed information by his son, Kevin, all about Ernie's adventures in learning to build Dwarf cars from scratch. Just one Dwarf car, an exact replica of the full size car, but at 11/16 scale, takes Ernie about five years to build.

He's been doing it for 40 years; painstakingly recreating homemade versions of classic cars at a miniature, yet street legal size. Ernie makes every part from flat sheet metal or stainless steel: fenders, doors, hoods, rims, steering wheels, dashboards, grilles, side trim, headlights, tail lights, parking lights, emblems, and more. Break time at Ernie's is the perfect introduction to the nine Dwarf cars currently housed at Ernie's Dwarf Car Museum in Maricopa, AZ.

Igor Brezhnev's dearest void contains short prose poems and a couple short stories located somewhere between the mystical and the mundane, death and love, hope and despair, magic and reality, humanity and otherness. It is a kind of travel diary, with entries arranged not by date or place, but some arcane measure of encountered feeling. dearest void will bring light, understanding, and wonder into your life.

You will ask yourself how author Igor Brezhnev can have eyes as seeing as telescopes and a heart as big as the earth. Upon reading, you will have touched the void and you, too, will call it dear.

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