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Original Screenplay (Satire)

  • Historic Preservation, a businessman's quest to buy a bigger boat, and the Armenian Genocide

  • Set in modern day Little Armenia, Hollywood. $5 million budget.  A cross between Terry Gilliam's Brazil, Life is Beautiful, &           The Shawshank Redemption

  • Co-Story, Screenplay, Executive Producer

  • UPDATE (April 2018): Final Draft in progress



Original Short Film

  • This 26-minute short film is a discussion starter told through visuals and sounds, but without words.

  • It's about the struggle to figure out what you're good at and (once you have some level of proficiency in it) asks the question "What is my responsibility (obligation?) to reach the farthest edge of my circle of influence?" It's designed to win at Cannes Film Festival and be coveted by educational institutions worldwide for the inspiration, empowerment, and excitement of their students.

  • Screenwriter, Director, Producer

  • UPDATE (Sept  2018): Hired cinematographer Jessica Young ( who shot the 2017 doc by Nike & National Geographic "Breaking2" (about three of the world's most elite distance runners setting out to break the two-hour marathon barrier) which premiered in 2017 on National Geographic and won a 2018 Gold Cannes Lion. She worked with Ron Howard filming Paul McCartney's final performance in the 2016 doc 'The Beatles: Eight Days a Week', and interviewed President Barack Obama for the 2015 Emmy award-winning HBO doc series 'Sonic Highways'.

    Working with New Zealand-based SOUND designer, DJ, and GRAPHIC designer extraordinaire (recognized by .Net Magazine as one of the world’s top 20 international designers), Eric Jordan (, to brainstorm what the soundtrack might sound like.

    The film will be shot in 65mm IMAX. Making industry contacts to research the camera (of which there are only 26 in the world).



  • A cross between The Beverly Hillbillies, the book A Long Way Home (adapted into the movie 'Lion'), and the Vietnam War.

  • Co-author and ghostwriting the other two authors.

  • On board of advisors and serving as lead consultant creating business plan and non-profit to help kids from wars find their American veteran fathers.

  • UPDATE (Sept 2018): Research and interviews complete. Book proposal in progress.

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