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(August 2020 to 2024)

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When Joey Robert Parks applies his passion for writing, entertainment, education, marketing, and community outreach, the results are extraordinary.

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Arizona Storytellers:
"Life Changing" Growing Up Stories

August 31, 2015

South Mountain Community College, Performing Arts Center

Arizona Storytellers:
"That didn't go the way I thought it would"

July 13, 2015
Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix

Ignite Phoenix #5: 
S{ubterranean} E{nglish} E{xposed}

November 2009
Tempe Center for the Arts 


Joey Robert Parks fascination with the inner workings of the English language began in the third grade, when he rearranged song lyrics to fight boredom. In college, he converted all of his class assignments into fiction exercises to achieve a stress-free 4.0 GPA. Today, he's happy to report that wordplay is a full-time distraction. In this presentation, Joey answered: Why is the question mark shaped the way it is? Can you describe the five vocabularies everyone knows? Sherlock Holmes does not exist. Why does language allow us to refer to things that aren't there? What five words on Spielberg's A.I. movie poster launched a hidden form of storytelling? He also included a subtle visual clue in each slide (one letter bright yellow) that led a few observant viewers to put all the letters together, which spelled out a secret website. The first few people to find the website won some cool prizes sponsored by local companies. 

Ignite Phoenix #4: 
Awesome Discoveries about my 
Hyperactivity Disorder

November 2008
Tempe Center for the Arts 


Every 30 seconds, Joey shared significant discoveries he's made about the art of communication, organization, focus, motivation, self-esteem, perceptions of the passage of time, etc. along with the solutions he employs daily. As part of his presentation, he showed how the ADHD person would interpret certain non-verbal signals and how you can more effectively communicate with someone who has undiagnosed ADD/ADHD (or acts like they do).