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Witness the true oddities of John Iannarelli's 20-year career as a top FBI Agent, from hilarious memorable arrests to truly bizarre search warrant discoveries. Whether arresting an actor on stage, catching a criminal in a hot tub, executing a search warrant at the home of a grown man who lives with hundreds of dolls, or witnessing the office meeting that turned into a tribal council moment from Survivor,  Disorderly Conduct is arrestingly funny and often hard to believe--but all true.

A well-known, veteran TV producer said it was the funniest thing he’d read since NBC’s The Office.  

John Iannarelli's ("FBI John")  investigative work included the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, the Sony hack, bank robberies, kidnappings, and other assorted crimes. During his 20-years with the FBI, Iannarelli was on the FBI Cyber Division executive staff, served as an FBI SWAT team member, and was the FBI’s National Spokesperson when he operated out of Washington D.C. When in the FBI’s Phoenix Division, he was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of overseeing  all Criminal, Cyber, and Counter Intelligence Investigations in Arizona. During his FBI tenure, he was selected from the ranks of the Bureau’s 35,000 employees and awarded the FBI Director’s Distinguished Service Award. Iannarelli is also the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Computer Science in recognition of his contributions to the field of cyber investigations.

The ghostwritten Disorderly Conduct manuscript was published in March 2021.

“Joey Robert Parks did not have much exposure to law enforcement before we first met. After a couple years listening to my stories and helping me put this book together, he now has the equivalent of a doctorate in policing. This book would not have been finished if it weren't for Joey and his skills.”

~ John Iannarelli

Disorderly Conduct

Praise for Disorderly Conduct:

“John's mantra was ‘be nice to everyone you meet, but just in case, always have a plan to kill them.’ Without getting dark or political, Disorderly Conduct is without a doubt a great and entertaining read.”

~ Kenny Kramer, the Real Kramer of NBC's Seinfeld

"FBI John" is not only one of my favorite guests on my Joe Piscopo Radio Show, but he has a wicked sense of humor. His book will keep you laughing with his hysterical anecdotes from his years behind the badge, and you just might learn something, too.

~ Joe Piscopo, former Saturday Night Live cast member and comedian

”To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, the most unlikely words in the English language are: ‘I'm from the FBI and I'm here to make you smile. I've seen plenty of fiction about funny cops — from Leslie Nielsen to Andy Samberg — but I assumed that real-life lawmen, especially in the FBI, never so much as grinned. Wow, was I mistaken. John Iannarelli has written a thoroughly enjoyable book with the very message that we promote on Candid Camera: Life is filled with humorous surprises. You just have to know where to look for them.”

~ Peter Funt, entertainer and host of Candid Camera

“Couldn't put it down! As a former law enforcement officer, I could really relate to these stories! The author's sense of humor is outstanding and his ability to convey that humor to the reader is a true gift.”


~ Verified Amazon Reader

“Amazing, true, and written by a master storyteller! This book is impossible to put down. He’s been there ... and now you can go there too ... through this fantastic perspective”

~ rdf3

“Entertaining Genius! This work gives the reader an insight rarely seen by outsiders. This is one ride along you don’t want to miss!

~ ShopOz

“Great book, will make you laugh and shake your head. A book that is sure to keep you entertained and will make you smile.”

~ Kevin Rice

“John’s unique sense of humor makes his latest book a fun and interesting read. I was a recruit in the police academy with John. His positive attitude and humorous outlook in difficult situations kept us motivated and amused. I always knew he was destined for great things.”

~ Debby B

“Fun read! I had a hard time putting it down! This is a great read with entertaining insights into law enforcement, funny stuff.”


~ Michael O’Shaughnessy

“Fabulous read! This book had me in stitches; I literally could not put it down. An entertaining read. I highly recommend reading this book.”

          ~ KMA

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I'm Joey Robert Parks.


I’ve ghostwritten 29 books (most under NDA's which don't allow me to share titles or author names; though I can talk about them in general terms; i.e. "Wrote a book for a self-made multimillionaire  about making ideas into an innovations").

 I love to edit, collaborate, and see opportunities in the blank page.

Among my ghostwriting clients are six and seven-figure innovators, CEO's, successful entrepreneurs, speakers, and memoirists; all authors who wanted to self-publish and/or be New York trade published. I’ve done both.


If you're interested in working with me, drop me a line on this form or call/text my cell (above that).

In 2010, I created, directed, curated, and produced 26 Blocks, a 55-artist art exhibit featuring 26 writers, 26 photographers, and 26 sculptures, and 26 illustrations. Since it's opening in May 2010, 26 Blocks has been experienced by more than 10 million people. It has garnered much applause by magazines, newspapers, blogs, and by USA Today:

"One of the 10 Most Amazing Things to do in Arizona... A great model for other cities... Not to be missed." 

The exhibit is free to the public and on display 24/7/365 at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel (see website, above).

I'm a Phoenix native, living in Phoenix with my Calico cat, Boo and my significant other, Kat, the illustrator of Triple Entendre.

“Of all the characteristics Parks embodies, two in particular resonate throughout: an amazing enthusiasm that makes working with him fun and a skill that's very rare indeed: the ability to transform complex ideas into a written form that makes perfect sense the first time through.”    ~ Chris Tingom

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