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Joseph Parks


Latest Book

Triple Entendre of the Heart


Triple Entendre of the Heart is an unforgettable fiction love story about a relationship. Two threads intersect and become entangled. Her name is Alice. Her lover is unnamed. It could be any relationship, really.


We don't know how old they are, where or when the story takes place, nor all the typical backstories you'd expect to learn in a love story.  And yet... all evidence of their past is there for us on full display in their words and their actions. Just as it is in real life when we meet people, get to know them, and know we don't truly know them as much as we think we do. 

The morning was green behind grey.


His eyes silently paused. His hand looked behind the hidden glassed case for the warning.

His secret world was shaped gray green.

His hands were drunk. The straight iron delicacy could be sweeping and brilliant except when disturbed and taken where seen. Nearly burning and desperate, his hands went quickly over the little pleasure.

Praise for Triple Entendre of the Heart:

"This was a stunning read and very cleverly written. Truly enjoyed it!!"

~ fabsensei

"I love this. Very emotional. And this amazing game of words at the end."

~ Kinga Jesman

"Wow! This is so cool!! I really love the way you phrase things, the word choice, and how things come out as a whole. It's beautiful. I can't believe you wrote this on the go."

~ FMB_Joko

"I read your novel today. It's beautiful and sad. Somehow if feels like a lonely room, even though there are two people. An empty room, a crackling record, Tom Waits moaning under the waning moon. I really like your sagacious ways of phrasing. Your edgy descriptive language. Like in southern American magical realism where bits of reality get utilized by unbridled imagination, setting the mood and letting the reader feel what the characters feel. Can't wait to see where you'll take the reader next!" 

~ Olga Balogo


~ Sarah Hadir

"Never before have I experienced what it must feel like to be in the mind of the author at the moment of creation.

This is exhilarating."

~ Cody Hayes

"Salvador Dalí with words."

~ Blanca Torres

"This is indeed, amazing."

~ Jina Upadhyaya

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I'm Joseph Parks. 


I'm a fiction author, blogger, screenwriter, playwright, copywriter, speech writer, art director, entrepreneur, ADHD Business Coach, short story author, website designer, and social entrepreneur.

 I see opportunities in every blank page and love editing. I can write in any style, in any genre, and make it look like I've been doing it for a decade--from the first draft.

If you're interested in working with me, drop me a line on this form or call/text my cell (above that).

In 2010, I created, directed, curated, and produced 26 Blocks, a 55-artist art exhibit featuring 26 writers, 26 photographers, and 26 sculptures, and 26 illustrations. Since it's opening in May 2010, 26 Blocks has been experienced by more than 10 million people. It has garnered much applause by magazines, newspapers, blogs, and by USA Today:

"One of the 10 Most Amazing Things to do in Arizona... A great model for other cities... Not to be missed." 

The exhibit is free to the public and on display 24/7/365 at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel (see website, above).

I'm a Phoenix native, living in Phoenix with my Calico cat, Boo and my significant other, Kat, the illustrator of Triple Entendre.

“Of all the characteristics Parks embodies, two in particular resonate throughout: an amazing enthusiasm that makes working with him fun and a skill that's very rare indeed: the ability to transform complex ideas into a written form that makes perfect sense the first time through.”    ~ Chris Tingom

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